Monday, August 2, 2010

Fiber Fantastic Coming to West Ranch

We are getting excited about our annual fiber event on August 15. We are hosting with Silver Springs Alpacas, Purple Mist Alpacas and Ranch of the Oaks. All are welcome to come and learn more about the myriad uses of alpaca fiber and also to share projects. Spinning, dyeing, felting, knitting, crochet, sorting, skirting etc. a one-day crash course!

Meanwhile, things at the Ranch are hopping. We are waiting on two more very pregnant moms and then we have a few weeks off before the next wave of cria is due. The five that are the most recent, (two Manchu cria, one Diego, two Barreda) are certainly keeping the Nursery Pen hopping and have been entertaining the Ranch visitors to no end.

Finally, the plans are beginning to evolve for Camelidynamics in October. We are really looking forward to having Marty back for the 4th year at West Ranch. We know that we will learn something new again as we always have in the past.